BOLI Risk Management

Risk can generate uncertainty in financial markets. At Van Epps LLC, our team manages market risks by continuously monitoring the market, BOLI contracts, and the creditworthiness of insurance carriers.

BOLI Information Security Standards

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has identified that protecting personal data for customers and employees is a high level risk for banks today. Van Epps LLC maintains the highest level of security for our clients’ data. Meeting the standards of SSAE 18, OCC 2013-29 is a mandatory requirement to provide BOLI services to regulated financial institutions.

Insured Management System

As the largest nationwide administrator of BOLI insureds, we have developed a proprietary system to efficiently and effectively manage every step of the claim process. Our comprehensive claims management team assists from the notification of deaths until the payment is received.

About our Company

Since 1994, Van Epps LLC has provided full disclosure client-side advisory services. Services include pre-purchase review, regulatory compliance support, placement and implementation services and ongoing administration and risk management.

Van Epps LLC was built on the foundation of creative and innovative solutions, demonstrable longā€term results, and consistent client service. We deliver expert and comprehensive insurance advisory services to the banking industry

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